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R.Raviv Consulting Engineers is an organization focused on providing cutting edge, sustainable and profitable solution for your offshore and coastal infrastructure development projects. Our commitment to professionalism, high-tech engineering and customer satisfaction has led us to be as the Israel’s leading consultancy in engineering civil and marine infrastructures. The unparalleled growth of our organisation has been achieved with the help of our dedicated and qualified personnel with extensive knowledge and expertise.


We provide complete support to our clients to inspect, execute and maintain their infrastructure ventures. We are known to create a warm relationship with our clients and meticulously understand their requirements to present them with the best possible solutions that are sustainable and budget incorporative. Our clients look upon us as a trusted partner. 




Office: 2 Hayozma St. Tirat Hacarmel, Israel
Postal Address: P.O.B,  6160 Haifa, Israel 31061


Tel: +972- 505-236-226

Mobile: +972 505 236226
Fax: +972 4 6888503

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